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Pokémon Buddies

You can assign a pokémon to be your buddy. That pokémon appears on your trainer info screen next to you, as well as on the main screen with a little icon next to yours. You can take your pokémon buddy for a walk and gain Candy and Experience. You can only have 1 active buddy at a time, switching it will clear your progress.

Pick a buddy

You can pick a pokémon buddy in your trainer info screen. A list with all your pokémon will pop up and you can choose which one you want to take for a walk.

Earning Candy

You earn 1 or more Candy per 1/3/5km walked, depending on the pokémon you're taking for a walk. Below is a list with all the pokémon and the required kilometers. You also get 500 Experience.

1 km

3 km

5 km