Magikarp (Pokémon)

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Magikarp (Pokémon)
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Magikarp is a pathetic excuse for a Pokèmon that is only capable of flopping and splashing. This behavior prompted scientists to undertake research into it.


You can evolve Magikarp using Magikarp Candy. It will evolve into a Gyarados.

Magikarp (Pokémon).png
Gyarados (Pokémon).png
Magikarp Gyarados
400 Magikarp Candy  


When powering up a Pokémon, its CP will increase and it will do more damage. The amount of Stardust and Candy needed depends on how much the Pokémon is already leveled up.

Base Stamina Base Attack Base Defense Max CP
Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown


Magikarp will have one of the basic attacks and one of the special attacks. Which attacks the pokémon gets is random. The number for the special attacks shows how many special attacks the pokémon can store in a battle.

Basic attacks

Attack Type Power DPS Cooldown Energy EPS


0 0.00 1.23 s 10 8.13

Special attacks

Attack Type Power DPS Cooldown Critical Hit # of Charges


15 8.85 1.695 s 0% 5


  • Magikarp is currently the only pokémon that needs 400 candies to be evolved; you need to catch exactly 101 Magikarp to evolve one into Gyarados.
  • Magikarp is pretty common in areas with a lot of water, but can also be found on land sometimes.
  • Magikarp's CP increases by about 10 times when it evolves, so even a weak Magikarp can become a really strong Gyarados.
  • Magikarp and Gyarados are first shiny Pokémon released.
  • If you evolve shiny Magikarp, Gyarados will also have different colors

Shiny variant

Shiny Magikarp is rare Pokémon, that can be found in a different color.


Shiny Magikarp

Its scales are in gold color, instead of orange. lips have changed color, also. Instead of pink, they're now yellow (this difference can be also seen on tounge). Its whiskers, eyes and fins are still in the same color. Sparkles fly out from its body.


Chance to get Shiny Magikarp is one to four thousand ninety six. These are individual catches, that means you can catch shiny Pokémon, but it won't be shiny for other players. Shiny Pokémon are seen after tapping on them, so they won't show up as shiny on "Nearby" list or on world map.