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A PokéStop is a core part of Pokémon GO gameplay. They can be found by a map marker at iconic spots. PokéStops will generate items and experience when the user spins the center photo disc.


If a user is within a close enough proximity to a PokéStop, they will be able to spin the photo disc in order to generate items. The user can obtain the items by either tapping the items that appear on screen or hitting the X button to automatically add the items to their inventory. A PokéStop will always give the user 50XP regardless if their inventory is full or not. PokéStops reset for the user to spin again after 5 minutes. A user can also place a Lure Module onto a PokéStop in order to attract wild Pokémon to the area.


PokéStops have a random chance to obtain any of the following items:

Item Level Required
Poké Ball 1
Egg 1
Potion 5
Revive 5
Razz Berry 8
Super Potion 10
Great Ball 12
Hyper Potion 15
Ultra Ball 20
Max Potion 25